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Our valuation services go beyond simple number crunching when we develop a relationship with you and your business. With a closer look at your unique needs and goals, and those of your personnel, we are able to create retirement plans that positively affect your bottom line – present and future. A program such as an Age Weighted Profit Sharing Plan is one example of a system that protects your company and competently benefits your employees.

With the constant addition of laws and regulations, such as the Pension Protection Act of 2006, ERP’s experience with pension law and regulations helps protect your company from liabilities and non-compliance that are critical to your business’ existence. ERP will update your plan with any new laws or regulations from a compliance perspective to be sure that it best meets the continuing objectives of the business. Our creative solutions are always financially secure and legally compliant.

ERP's professional staff has extensive experience in all aspects of benefit administration and consulting. Our staff possesses the credentials and the knowledge necessary to respond to your company’s distinctive challenges. The services offered by ERP cover the full range of benefit plans and related services described below:

  • Defined Benefit Plans and Actuarial Services
  • Defined Contribution Plans
  • Employee Benefit Communications and Education
  • Post-Retirement & Post Employment Consulting Services
  • Executive Compensation Consulting
  • Expert Testimony
  • One-On-One Personal Actuarial Consulting

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